Printed Classs Schedules and Policies
Printed copies of the class schedule are on sale in the WLAC Bookstore and PAWs convenience stores.
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How To Enroll [PDF]
  • Dates to Know
  • Who May Apply
  • How To Enroll
  • About Matriculation
  • How To Add/Drop Classes
  • Fees & Financial Aid
  • List of Majors/Certificates
  • Empezar el Proceso

Things To Know / Policies [PDF]

  • For High School Students
  • Transfer Honors Program
  • Transfer Requirements (UC, CSU, IGTCE)
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Graduation Petition Process
  • Services for Students
  • Policies: Student Code of Contact, Academic Policies, Financial Policies, Non-Discrimination, Legal Protections, Crime Stats, Other
  • Off-Campus Locations
  • Admissions Check List
  • Paper Application


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Subject 1 of 33
BUSINESS DIVISION - Gerald Ludwig [Chairperson] Classes selected below will be included in your MyPlanner.*
Section Starting and End Time DaysRoomInstructor Start Date End Date Enrolled Max Seats WeeksPLANNER
8001 17:50 hrs/wk TBA ON LINE LUDWIG, G. 1/5/2015 2/8/2015 88 40 5